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16 April

Posted on 2009.04.16 at 19:15
Current Mood: grumpygrumpy
I've finished my first complete week of therapy.

Bloody hell, it hurts. It HURTS. I can move my wrists without pain. A lot of pain.

I was going to try to see Mel tonight, but I think I'd just whinge like a little girl. No need to ruin the illusion that I'm tough and manly just yet.

I'm going to take some pain potion and go to bed. And eat something. Floo Mum, maybe.

Merlin. This better be worth it.

pretty eyes

Spring Sometime

Posted on 2009.03.30 at 11:02
Current Location: The Ministry
Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic
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Things evolve. Change, grow and become better.

It looks like I'll be leaving the Prophet. Of my two jobs, I used to like that one the most, but it's just been stifling as of late. As it happens, I probably won't be there much longer. Luna Lovegood, whom I vaguely remember from school, has offered me a freelance job. And I took it.

Because I'm going to start playing again.

Even if it hurts. Even if it hurts a lot. I've made a decision. I've decided to quit moping and do something about my fate. Take it into my own hands, as it were. The most promising thing is that I've consulted with healers, and it looks like I might be able to get my wrists fixed. Not repaired to perfection, but definitely where I can spend extended amounts of time on a broomstick, with pain. But manageable pain.

I'm excited. For the first time in a long time, I'm excited about something. Something that isn't my gorgeous girlfriend, who is enough to get excited about all on her own, let me tell you.

Anyhow. Life's looking up.

It's good.

bare chest

21 September

Posted on 2008.09.21 at 09:54
Current Location: New Recliner
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
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Last night, instead of showing up to go to the pub, Cormac sent me a girl. He's been saying for months that I needed to get laid, and although I agree with him wholeheartedly, I really didn't expect that.

I suppose I should be grateful that he didn't offer to do the job himself.

Oh, God. Bad mental image.

Anyway, Alexis was a very sweet girl, and even a Quidditch fan, but I'm not quite alright with sleeping with girls that have been paid to be around me, and that I don't know from Adam. Eve. Whatever. I'm sure Cormac got her from Reilly, so that'll make the next time I see her interesting.

"So Roger? how was your shag with the little brunette?"

Except Reilly wouldn't ever say that. She probably wouldn't even think it, but I'd be thinking that she was thinking it, anyway.

Whatever. He'll get thanked, and he'll never be the wiser.

Got a passel of fantastic gifts from friends; Mum and Dad sent vouchers and Honoria sent a card with a cryptic message; I should probably go and see her soon.

Astoria sent a pensive memory. In all the years that I played in school and professionally, I had never actually seen myself fly. Was a singular experience. Appreciative, angry, and a bit sad all at the same time. Must remember to do something nice for her, soon.

Am 28 years old. Life isn't exactly where I thought it would be, but it's not all bad, either.

sepia gaze

Sunday afternoon, July 20

Posted on 2008.07.20 at 17:07
Current Location: my flat
Current Mood: cross
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Have been thinking.

Dangerous stuff, that.

Had an enlightening conversation with a girl last week whose political affiliation differs from mine, somewhat. Her eyes are a lovely shade of blue, though.

I have a problem with the powers that be. They didn't do enough to protect non-Purebloods before the war, and now the pendulum has swung too far the other way, I fear.

I haven't done anything wrong. I didn't side with the Death Eaters and he-who-must-not-be-named during the war of course, but to be penalized now? Just for my heritage? Ludicrous. The payment gets harder and harder with each passing month.

And I'm not too sure how I feel about money keeping people out of Azkaban. If they didn't do anything to begin with, that's one thing. But if they deserved to spend time there and galleons kept them out? Completely another. And the fact that I'm having to pay a tax for the sins of others sort of bothers me.

But what to do? Am Quidditch guy. Am a writer. Don't like politics. Loathe politicians.

Will think more later.

Pub now.